10+ People Who Forgot To Look At Their Own Reflections Before Posting Fail Pictures

The selfie mania has not yet been declared as a serious mental issue.

But some people seem to be addicted to taking not only a selfie, but always the wrong selfie.

Unfortunately, they forgot to take the reflections into consideration and they got the most awkward pictures posted on social media.



1. This reflection fail went viral after the picture was posted.

2. So lonely…

Kudos for the selfie skills, though.

3. The most unfortunate reflection selfie.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

4. Laptop reflection sunglasses.


5. How may I be of assistance, miss?

6. Reading on the go is such a turn on.

Unless the reading is actually not reading at all.

7. When bae was staying out late, but you didn’t want the world to know about it.

Well, at least she loves herself and calls herself bae.

8. He just couldn’t wait until he got home and watch in peace.

9. Ladies, stand in line.

10. Where is your girlfriend when you need her the most?

11. “Please take a quick picture of me before I go to work, honey!”

12. Why one earth would you do this?

13. Family mirror selfie <3

14. A certain age of that kid will come when she’ll have to stop this, but will she though?

15. This kid just mastered photography with a flip phone before it was even cool! Quite incredible.



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10+ People Who Forgot To Look At Their Own Reflections Before Posting Fail Pictures
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