5 Pictures That Show Bra Sizing Is A Total Joke

Let’s start by agreeing that bras tend to get… complicated.

Like, have you noticed they might not be even the same size in different stores?

Even though on the label it’s the same? Sigh.

If you want to get it right, though, the only option is to try them on before buying even if it can get exhausting.

But as these photos below show, bra sizing can be total garbage.

For example these same-sized bras from the same brand are very different.

A blogger named Jean Wang, posted this photo on her blog named Extra Petite, about The Little Bra Company which makes bras for women who have smaller breasts.

One of the bras is an everyday T-shirt bra, while the other is a strapless push up. They also have the same number and letter but but one is nine inches from the edge of one cup to the edge of the other. So, the size on the tag is not always important.

Down below you can see six different bras on the same woman
Each bra fits different than the other. According to Alicia Waiters who is a bra fit specialist for LiviRae Lingerie, all these bras fit her perfectly.

Trying on a variety of sizes while shopping will help you determine what actually fits.

Nine bras in nine sizes

The bra blogger Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell also posted a blog entitled Why 9 Bras All Fit. According to her, you shoul only use your measurements and even what you think is your correct size as a jumping off point.

This woman came wearing one size and left with a different one

Bra fitter and blogger named Linzi Reardon posted this picture to her Instagram account showing the difference between the sizes.

It is also very important to try things on and experimenting a little because the results might be surprising. She went from 34C to a 30D.

Fitting into different sizes

She posted this picture of a client in two different bra sizes that fit perfectly. Sure, this process can be very confusing but the only and best solution is to try them on and choose.

Source: thisisinsider


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