20+ Cool Projects You Can Make With Old Jeans

Jeans are one of the most common fashion items in the world. In fact, here’s a challenge for you, try and find out if any of your friends doesn’t own a pair of jeans. I don’t think you’ll be able to succeed.

As with all good things in life however, even jeans must come to an end at some point. They can rip, they can wash and they can get permanent ink splattered on them. Whichever way your jeans decide to end, don’t throw them away! Make something cool with them! Here are 22 ideas on cool and crafty items you can make with your old jeans.

1. Child’s apron

Make an apron for your children so that they don’t get dirty for their arts and crafts project.

2. Journal

Create a cute journal that’s the perfect storage for pens.

3. Bottle holders

Adorable gift bags for wine bottles.

4. Recycled denim basket

It takes a little bit of time for this one, but it’s well worth it. Who said baskets had to be made of straw, anyway?

5. Denim slippers

Comfortable and warm slippers for when you don’t want to walk on the cold tile floors.

6. Pouf

It will last a lot longer than a normal pouf, plus it looks really cool.

7. Denim turtle

Your kids will love this!

8. Denim pouch bag

You can keep various items in here, depending on what size it is. Your iPad, phone, makeup or other accesories.

9. Textile art

You can even make gorgeous pieces of art!

10. Denim tote bag

11. Snack pack

Here’s a fantastic picnic bag with a really cool belt accessory.

12. Tooth fairy pocket

13. Monster pouch

A perfect small pouch for children. They love it!

14. Dinner table placemat

Here’s a unique and unusual placemat for your dinner table.

15. Jean whales

These are surprisingly easier to make than they look and they are adorable. Your kids will instantly fall in love with them.

16. Cosmetic denim case

You can put all of your makeup and tools in this recycled denim pouch. It allows you to stay well-organized.

17. Creative bracelet

You can make a creative bracelet with recycled denim and have an accessory that perfectly complements your jeans.

18. Nudie Rug

This is not something that you can make, but a company called Nudie Jeans recycles old jeans and denim to make rugs

19. Denim quilt

It’s perfect for the cold weather outside.

20. Denim stockings

A much more stylish alternative to Christmas stockings. Christmas is a while away so you have quite a bit of time to practice and prepare one of these for the season.

21. Bean bags

You can use these cute items for a game of cornhole or just to toss around with someone.

22. Oven mitts

For all of you cooking enthusiasts out there.

23. Baby book

A beautiful book for your newborn child.

24. Pillows

A fun way to spice up the room should you want to.

Source: shareably.net


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