20+ People Who Will Ruin Your Self-Esteem Because They’re Freaking Genius

See, I always believed I’m a genius. I mean, alright, alright, that’s pretty arrogant of me. But at the very least, I thought I’m smarter than most people! But little did I know I’m actually an intellectual dwarf when compared to the people you’re going to see today.

Sheesh. A guy can’t catch a break, can he?! Here’s Diply and their collection of 24 modern geniuses found on the internet. Dig in, people. You’ll soon feel bad about yourselves, I promise. Hell, I bet even Stephen Hawking would when compared to the sheer genius of these pics!

1. This has never occurred to me, I have to admit. It breaks my heart.

2. Yeah, kudos to whoever came up with this. It also never occurred to me. Man…

3. Fools!

4. If there’s a supply of seat savers, there must be a demand!


6. Who needs getting your number anymore when they can just get your… Phone?


8. And this was back in 3017! It’s already 3018 now in Future Land, I wonder what they’ll come up with!

9. Basically, this is me. Believing I’m a genius but everyone’s actually laughing at me.

10. This is how you gain an extra hand, people.

11. Need an extra seat? Buy a scooter.

12. Mmmm, spraying this in my mouth, YASSS.

13. Selfie sticks are so yesterday, selfie shoes are in vogue now!

14. Wash one, get five free!

15. A modern-day Leonardo da Vinci right there!

16. This concept is still to enter testing sometime this year.

17. Tongue burns? THAT’S HISTORY BRO.

18. I’m wondering why this isn’t a product on the shelves yet?

19. This shirt helps other people figure out PRECISELY WHERE to scratch you.

20. I’m a guy, though. But… Still gonna try it. Ahem. DON’T JUDGE!

21. Just slap this somewhere visible and refer those pesky relatives to consult it. Genius.

22. Damn, this girl truly is ‘Plug & Play’!

23. Right in the childhood? Well, think again, pal!

24. For those who just MUST PRESS STUFF.

From: diply


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