10+ Facts About China That You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

China is one of the most restrictive countries in the world. There are a lot of things happening in and around the country that you probably aren’t aware of. Here are some of those facts.

There are certain chilling facts about one of the most populous countries, China that you maybe aren’t aware of. Here are 12 of them.

1. China has a police force that comprises of geese. According to Zhang Quansheng, a police chief in Xinjiang’s Shawan county, geese are extremely vigilant and have excellent hearing. They have proved themselves better than dogs in terms of tackling crimes.

2. In China, over 13 million abortions happen every year. A lot of people aren’t aware this but every day, 35 million abortions occur in China. Over 55% of the women have gone through an abortion.

3. Traffic jam is one of the biggest problems in Beijing. They lead to an incredible amount of losses for the country. Traffic jams in Beijing cost approximately $11.3 billion. This amount has been calculated on the basis of wastage of time and of course, the environmental damage that occurs.

4. The quality of air in indeed detrimental in the city of Beijing. Breathing the air in Beijing for a day is the same as smoking an entire pack of high-tar cigarettes. It is one of the most polluted cities in the world.

5. Toilet paper was invented in China. At that time, it was a luxury. Everyone was not allowed to use it. Only the emperors of the country used toilet papers.

6. A lot of people think that fortune cookies were invented in China. However, that is not true. Fortune cookies don’t have their roots in China. They were invented in San Francisco.

7. You must be familiar with boiled. Yes, they are a major source of protein. However, they are cooked in a way in China that will not only just weird but also very disgusting. In China, eggs are cooked in the urine of young boys. It is not only considered a delicacy but also a healthy food item.

8. You probably aren’t aware with this fact but pins are put in the skin of military personnel, in order to keep their posture as rigid as possible.

9. Considering a lot of accidents that happen due to people walking while using their cellphones, the country has made a separate pedestrian cellphone path.

10. In the year 1931, Alic in Wonderland was banned from the country because in the movie, animals were talking to humans.

11. In the country, all the military men have to hold their arms out at the exact same height during the military parade.

12. It one of the weirdest facts that PlayStation and other gaming consoles are banned in China.


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