20+ People Who Have Every Right To Be Very, Very Angry!

Most often than not, it’s the little things that set us off. Like now, when my text editor keeps Capitalising Every Word for some weird reason. Argh! It makes me so ANGRY!

But it’s not just me. Here are 22 more people who have every right to be angry, pissed off, livid, indignant, you name it! Courtesy of Diply.

1. I would be pissed off too! And yell at literally everyone!

2. “Go home Coke, you’re drunk!”

3. Another synonym for angry? Cheesed off. Here’s a literal representation of what that looks like!

4. Safe and intact? Looks like someone in FedEx should try drinking from these…

5. WELL PLAYED, SIR. Well played.

6. Chicken? Ostrich? A velociraptor’s leg? WHO CARES I’M ANGRY

7. It’s a milkshake, you doofus! Pour it in a glass!

8. You can have the goddamn Cinnabon after you say YES!

9. Look, a cotton-candy dog!

10. That dog is TOO cute. The cat has the right to be angry!

11. I have that light, and it’s for reading books at night, you dotard!


13. What is that? I don’t even know what that is.

14. Why would ANYONE eat those things? I mean, they look like detergent or something. Oh wait.

15. And the sister is presumably still unaware? Poor, unloved fish.

16. Pets can get pretty angry too. This dog looks like he’s just biding his time.

17. The mare was just trying to remove the stink from your boots, you filthy human!

18. “A coworker does this, but oh man when I finally find him…”

19. Such a convenient armrest…


21. She $300+ on that dress and the $2 hot dog stole the spotlight.

22. “End of the line for you, Mister!” “NOOOOOOO!”

From: diply


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