10+ People Who Won The “Trust Me, I’m An Engineer” Award

You don’t need a PhD in engineering to fix simple, everyday kinda things! Right? You can just wing it! After all, as long as whatever it was that didn’t function properly, works after you’ve tinkered with it, who cares whether it still looks as pretty as before? If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid! That’s what people say, and people are never wrong! Especially if it’s them internet people – they are definitely always right.

Back to those genius engineers now. Their fixes may be improvised, they probably work (to some extent at least), but one thing is for sure: they always look beyond silly. So here you go, take a look at these 16 people who came up with the most ridiculous ways to repair broken stuff you could ever imagine, courtesy of Diply.

1. Use a pizza box to patch your broken window! It’s cheap and it’s a great way to advertise your favorite pizza chain!

2. Reading the instructions is admitting defeat. This, on the other hand, is a clear victory…

3. Wouldn’t buying a standing desk be cheaper than buying six pairs of shoes? Just saying…

4. It’s simple maths: 1 headlight = 3 torches.

5. When you got a bicycle for your birthday, but you wanted a tricycle…

6. If you don’t have a fork handy, but you have a spoon and plenty of toothpicks and duct tape, then you’re all sorted!

7. I bet going barefoot would be more comfortable…

8. When these guys get jammed it’s so frustrating I wish you could just punch right through the box and get the paper! Oh…

9. Hey, it looks just like the real thing!

10. Hehe, dogs are so silly!

11. Chalk is the perfect thing for drawing zebra crossings! At least until it rains…

12. It may be uncomfortable for your bottom, but your back will be super comfy!

13. This is why you don’t start building something from both ends at once; but at least they put some safety railings, so that’s nice.

14. Oh, come on! No car in the world deserves to be treated like this! Except maybe a Prius…

15. So this door will never be closed closed, but it will be sort of closed, so that’s something I guess…

16. Make your own peanut M&M’s with a glue gun! What could possibly go wrong?

Source: Diply


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