Only 1% Of People Can Spot The Dog In This Picture

A lot of us enjoy optical illusions…especially difficult ones. We enjoy taking time to analyze a photo and see what we’re able to spot. But then there are those photos that the majority of us just don’t understand, no matter how long we stare at it.

In fact, there are more of those optical illusion photos than we think. They really start playing with our minds. For this one photo, in particular, only 1% of people can spot an animal. The longer you look at it, the longer you wonder if there is even an animal at all.

But trust me, once we reveal the animal, you’ll be shocked you didn’t see it sooner! You honestly just have to have patience and keep looking for it. Even with a few clues, it’s pretty difficult to spot the animal that this optical illusion has. It’s a tricky one!

So here’s the photo! Looking at it, it just looks like an old man, with a fairly long beard and an old-school hat. It’s pretty shocking to know that it’s actually a photo of an animal as well.

Okay, if it’s driving you crazy, here’s your first hint! Focus on the old man’s hat. If that doesn’t help you, don’t worry. Focusing on it too much won’t help.

Don’t feel too discouraged that you can’t see it. You’re not alone on this one. Remember, 99% of the world can’t get it either. That should definitely make you feel a lot better!

If you’ve moved onto the old man’s beard, you are getting closer. I mean, animals do often have fur or some sort of hair. Maybe if you focus on it long enough you’ll get a bit closer?


If you’re getting really frustrated and are finding yourself giving up, don’t worry. There is one more clue that’ll probably get you to see the animal. It’s the best clue yet!

Ready for it? Focus on the old man’s ear. You’re probably wondering why on earth is it so hairy! Well, the fact that his ear is hairy should already give it away…if it hasn’t, don’t worry.

Okay, this optical illusion is probably making you so angry at this point already. Don’t exit it just yet, we’re about to give you the answer. Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

Here’s a little trick, flip the photo around. When you look at the old man upside down, it becomes pretty clear what it is. It’s a little puppy, sitting on a carpet, eating its bone! You’re welcome.

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Source: Providr


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