10+ Things Women Want Their Man To Do While Making Love

Today we have another article about relationships – though to be exact, this is not about how to make conversation or meet a girl – this is a straight-up guide to what girls really like you to do while making love to them.

Check them out below:




Making Out

By kissing someone, everything starts to get clearer. Imagine if there was no kissing and touching and life. It sounds creepy, right? Through kissing with closed (or open) eyes, we are expressing emotions and there’s nothing more powerful in that moment.

Kissing Her Neck

This is a higher level game than just making out – that is why it always comes after the French kissing. In those tender and romantic moments, while you kiss her neck, the situation is getting she is the seventh heaven. The girl knows what is coming and she is super excited.

Eye Contact

As deeper as you can. Girls want to know how their guys feel in that moment. They want to prove themselves that they are doing the right thing at the right time, especially if it’s their first time. Eye contact helps them feel loved.

aking Clothes Off… Slowly

Girls can do it on their own – of course. An even better approach would be to get it done by their partners. There is another thing though – girls don’t just want you to undress them – they would also like to undress you! Who can imagine making love without undressing, duh?

Let the Foreplay Begin

Okay – just to be clear, all that was previously mentioned in this article, are parts from the foreplay, but under real foreplay, I mean stuff like playing and sucking on her nipples, the power of fingering and spanking their ass. After some foreplay like this, she will be as wild as you wish.

Experiment With the Foreplay

By experimenting, I mean tying her arms or handcuffing her with fake handcuffs (it’s always a better solution than the real ones – and safer). Also, you can experiment with playing some games such as dices with sexy things to do on it, or do some role-playing, being a doctor and a nurse.

Whispering Dirty Things

Girls love dirty talk, especially from their partners. It gives them self-confidence and makes them really horny. It would be much better if you talk to her dirty things while you are playing with her clit. She would be absolutely mind-blown about it!

The Final Act

The lead to the most important event in the whole situation, right? Girls love this stuff, especially if you are fingering her while you are making love. Do not forget to continue the dirty talking. Only this time, do it louder, which, if done properly, it would even make her scream in ecstasy.

Makes Her Feel Like a Sex Goddess

Tell her that she is the best one and that no one girl before made you feel like she does. That you are going crazy after her, want her more and more every second of your life. She will know that is on her right way and will give you the best.

Let Her to Be on the Top for a While

Girls want to be dominated, but sometimes it’s good if they are going to be the dominators. Let her be on top for a while, she will control the rhythm and the motion. To explain this briefly, she is in charge in that moment – but, you will also enjoy it too – trust me.

The Orgasm

The most important thing, as I said. If there’s no orgasm, the sex wasn’t worth it at all. But, if there were more than one or two orgasms, then you totally had her. The main goal of the sex is to both get there. It is not that difficult, right?

Sweating Afterwards

Sweating after some time together, shows that the sex was great, and there is some chance to continue the game in the bathroom while you are having a shower together. If done properly, she will go crazy for you, and you’ll enjoy many more nights together.

The Bathroom

If you continue to the bathroom together, after a round in the bedroom, she will still be under the impression from the sex you just had. If it all went great, she will love to continue the game in the bathroom under the shower. Showering is the perfect place for oral pleasure from her.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

If you want to have fun out of the bedroom – besides the bathroom, there is the kitchen. The kitchen works great in the morning while she is preparing breakfast for both of you and making coffee. A quickie just before you go to work is also a good start of the day.

The Car is Also Useful

The car can also be a fun place to have sex and it is not that risky to be caught if you are on a lonely street. Try to imagine that you are teens for a while and that is the only option for you to be a little bit naughty. As a side effect, it will increase your adrenaline, which is always great.


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