Powerful And Heart Touching Advice From Brad Pitt That Will Keep Your Marriage Fresh And Happier

Hollywood celebrity actor Brad Pitt is known to have to have been married for 11 years to fellow actor Angelina Jolie.

The marriage, however, came to an unceremonious end which saddens all of us since they were such a hot couple.

Well, the actor now decided to give a piece of marriage advice for those in a relationship or nearly weds.


Never take her for granted

Never ever get lazy in your love. When you were getting married, you promised to love and cherish her till death. She, in turn, entrusted you with one of the most precious things, her heart- take care of it as if your life depends on it because it is.

Protect your heart always

Open your heart to the world and give out love to those who need it. However, protect it as well from those who desire to harm. Most importantly keep the deepest and most special part of your heart for your wife because she is the sole custodian. Don’t allow anyone in except her.

Never stop falling in love

Life will change you, both of you and be evading it is out of the question. You will not be the same 10 years from the date of your wedding. However, as you embrace change, make an effort to fall in love with her every day.Show her love even when you are not happy because if you don’t, she will close out her heart from you or open it to someone else.

Always see the best in her

Whatever you focus on will ultimately expand. If you focus on love, then you will be consummated by it. Love your wife with all your strength that you cannot picture a world without her. This way you will feel like the luckiest man alive for having her by your side.

Don’t try to fix her, that’s not your job

She chose to love you as you were; it’s your turn to love her as she is. You are meant to love and adore her not to change her. This is regardless of whether you wanted it or not.

Always choose love, always

In the end, love is what we live for. This should be the guiding principle through which all your choices should be based on. Marriage is not about having a happily ever after, it’s about the commitment and dedication you have towards making it happen. Through the work, happiness will be realized. Learn from your challenges and always strive to love each other even when you don’t feel like it.

Forgive immediately and unconditionally

Don’t drag your life with unnecessary baggage from the past. Focus on the future by freeing yourself from the past. Forgiveness is freedom.

Worriless about money

Finding money is like a game. Fighting over it when you are on the same team certainly won’t help you to win it. Instead, find leverage and work towards achieving your financial goals.

Never stop growing together

If you stop working on your relationship, you will never grow. Always strive to find common goals, dreams, and visions and work towards them together.

Be fully open

If you want complete trust from her, you must be willing to share everything with you. Open up even the darkest of your secrets. To be able to experience true love, she must be able to love both your good and bad side. If you put on a mask around her, you will never experience the full force of what love can be.

Be vulnerable for her

If you can’t hold it together, be free to share your fears with her. Don’t bottle it in and let your troubles destroy you from the inside. Also be willing to acknowledge your mistakes.

Give her space

She might be giving too much that she’s forgotten to take care of her own needs. Occasionally remind her to take time off and find her own happiness to rejuvenate her soul and when she comes back she’ll be loaded with much more goodies. Everyone needs time to renew themselves.

Don’t be an idiot

Well don’t be too serious as well; she’s bound to make mistakes and so are you. However, strive to learn from your own and show an effort of trying to better yourself. No one is born perfect and certainly, no one will stay perfect.

Address her sexual needs

To be carried away in the most sensual way. As a man, strive to consume her with your masculine strength and address her most intimate needs. Let her melt into her feminine softness when she’s with you knowing that she can trust you with her life.

Always be there

Do whatever it takes to always be with your woman, not only physically, but your attention and mind should all be focused on her. Avoid instances where you are with her physically but mentally concentrating on other less important things.

Always feel her soul

Learn what makes her feel loved and cherish. There is a specific way that each woman wants to be handled to feel that they are validated and adored. When you finally learned what your woman loves, make an effort to memorize and make it your life’s priority.

Be goofy

Life is never that serious. Laugh a little and be lighthearted, make her laugh a little and you’ll realize that laughter makes everything else easier.

Allow your wife to just be

When she’s sad or upset, just hold her and let her know everything will be okay. It’s not in your place to fix her. Remind her that you will always be there for her no matter what. The feminine spirit in her will keep tumbling and when it’s just right, she will trust you and open up. Meanwhile remain strong and see her through her turbulent emotions.

Never blame her for

Getting you angry or frustrated. If you find yourself angry, it’s not because of her, but rather something inside of you has been triggered and needs to be resolved. When you take time to search yourself within and address your feelings you will be halfway through the path of healing.

Always be accountable for yourself

For your happiness, emotions, and actions; It is your responsibilities to find your own happiness and by doing so, you spill over your joy to her. This way your relationship will be built on love.


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