7 Self-Defense Techniques For Women Recommended By A Professional

Victor Lyalko is from London, United Kingdom and he is a combat athlete, martial artist and also a trainer.

He recently wrote a book that describes the most effective methods for women to use if they were to be attacked.

The first thing to remember is that no matter what size the potential attacker is, there are several ‘vulnerable spots.’ These include the eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees, and groin.

Another move that is extremely effective is by controlling the wrist.

Grab a hold of his ring and little finger with one hand while grabbing his middle and index finger with your other hand.

Bend his wrist forward in that fashion.

If you cannot control your attacker’s hands, another move that will stun your attacker is by punching him in the collarbone or directly in his Adam’s apple. This will stun and hurt your attacker enough for you to get away.

As mentioned earlier, attacking the vulnerable areas on a man are a good and efficient way to defend yourself. The most obvious area of attack on a man is his groin.

If your attacker grabs you from the front, make a fist in front of your pelvis which will then create enough distance to headbutt your attacker and then knee him in the groin.

If there is some room between yourself and your attacker, hit him directly in the chin and nose with a straight palm and then move in to strike him in the groin. This will create more distance and buy enough time to flee from the attack.

If the attacker chooses to grab you by the arm, make sure to remember the ‘rule of thumb.’ Turn your arm to the side of the attacker’s thumb. Once your arm is under the attacker’s quickly pull your arm out as strongly as you can.

In the event that the attacker grabs you from behind with both hands, snap your head back so that you hit them in the face with your head. Even if you are unable to make contact, that move should be enough to force the attacker to stick one of his legs forward. Once that happens, bend down, grab his leg and pull up so that he topples over.

If an attacker approaches you from the side, the best thing to do is to hit him with one of your elbows. Sting him with an elbow to the belly, chest, temple, jaw or nose.

Often an attacker will try to pin a woman up against a wall. In this case, there are several options that a woman can employ. If both of his arms are up then you can straighten your arm and sock him right in the armpit. If one arm is down, then you can hit your opponent in the chest neck or jaw. And finally, in almost any situation, you can duck down slightly and shoot up in order to headbutt your attacker right in the jaw.



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