20+ Animals That Totally Look Like Celebrities

Have you ever met your doppelganger?

Have you ever suprised about how similar you are to someone?

If you haven’t, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

Some celebrities, for instance, have luckily found their doubles…in the animal kingdom.The similarities are stunning! Of course, their adorable look-alikes might be a tiny bit too furry to step in their shoes when needed. But hey, who knows? Times are ruff.


#1 Dog is similar to Putin

#2 This Dog Looks Like Snoop Dog

#3 This Dog Looks Like Samuel L. Jackson

#4 Snowball The Kitler Cat

#5 A Dog Looks Like John Travolta

#6 Dog Looks Like Richard Branson

#7 This Dog Looks Like William H. Macy

#8 This Dog Looks Like Ron Perlman

#9 This Caterpillar Looks Like Donald Trump’s Hair

#10 This Dog Looks Like Snoop Dog

#11 Happy Llama Looks Like Happy Dalai Lama

#12 Alpaca Looks Like Taylor Lautner

#13 The Lesula Monkey Looks Like Adrien Brody

#14 This Dog Looks Like Harrison Ford

#15 This Frog Looks Like Madonna

#16 Sad Dog Looks Like Peyton Manning

#17 Hamilton The Hipster Cat Looks Like Salvador Dali

#18 Killer Whale Looks Like Kim Kardashian

#19 Strutting Kitty Looks Like Leo

#20 A Saturniidae Moth’s Caterpillar Looks Like George Clinton

#21 Dog Looks Like Ron Perlman

#22 How About This Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver?

#23 Cat Looks Like Jamie From Mythbusters

#24 Mustache Cat Looks Like Wilford Brimley

#25 This Bunny Looks Like Mckayla Maroney

#26 Alpaca Looks Like Rihanna

#27 This Cat Looks Like Lenin

#28 This Cat Looks Like Charlie Chaplin

#29 This Cat Looks Like Eugene Levy

#30 Stache The Cat Looks Like Adrien Brody

#31 Giraffe Looks Like Miley Cyrus

#32 Sea Urchin Looks Like Cher

#33 This Dog Looks Like Donald Trump

#34 Alpaca Looks Like Rihanna

#35 This Dog Looks Like Lady Gaga

#36 This Puppy Looks Like Adolf Hitler

#37 This Cat Looks Like Einstein

#38 A Dod Looks Like Julia Roberts

#39 Pomelo Cat Looks Like Nicky Minaj

#40 Owl Looks Like Rowan Atkinson


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