The Mystery of Flight 370 Has Been Solved Experts Reveal What Actually Happened

Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and how it faded away into its mysterious disappearance?

Nobody until now knew why the plane was never found or whatever happened to it.

Was it a crash? Was it an accident?

Was it an incompetent pilot?


Well, experts now have proof that the MH370 tragedy involves an evil pilot who is responsible for the passing of 239 people.

Touted as the biggest history in the modern aviation, the flight 370’s 2014 journey was its last and for years people across the world have been baffled as to what happened to the flight. Recently experts who have researched the case appeared on an Australian show and revealed what they have found about the sad plane tragedy which claimed so many innocent lives. So, what happened to flight 370?

1 What is flight 370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was an international passenger flight which was flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport in China on March 8, 2014. The plane just disappeared and nobody knew why or how. The flight had 239 people on it, including all passengers and they were all presumed no longer alive. There were 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 countries. Which also means 15 different nations tried their best and used some of their most established resources to track the plane but failed.

2 The crash

The Boeing 777-200ER plane made last vocal contact with air traffic control on March 8 at around 1 am, when it was over a Chinese ocean. In less than 50 minutes after the flight took off, it disappeared from the traffic controller’s radar. No further contact was made by the air traffic authorities and the fliers.

3 The search

Australia was initially in charge of the massive search which began on March 17. From 2014 to 2017, there have been relentless mapping and plotting and numerous experts have tried to figure out where the flight 370 could have ended up.

4 And now

After 4 years of blind search, Larry Vance, who is currently a senior investigator at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, made an appearance at the famous Australian show and spoke about the affair of the missing plane at length. He was accompanied by Chief Commissioner of ATSB Martin Dolan and Captain John Cox.

5 The unthinkable

What Vance and his friends said at the show is absolutely spine-chilling and nobody saw this coming as most experts had ruled out the accident as a crash. They claim that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, one of the people who were flying the people deliberately crashed the plane as a planned out attack.

6 A mass act?

Boeing 777 instructor Simon Hardy claims that Zaharie could completely disappear with the plane by flying right next to the border and switching between Malaysian and Thai military airspace, and he essentially crisscrossed. Since the aircraft was navigating between two countries and right border side it was very hard to track it down.

7 More ruthlessness

One might wonder how Zaharie pulled off such a massive feat. Experts believe that Zaharie depressurized the plane first, which means anyone who was not wearing an oxygen mask (which is most people as nobody randomly wear a mask without a reason) would be gone first. That would take care of doing away with most of his passengers. It was a chilly and well-thought out plan.

8 The silence

The depressuring would also explain why there was no whaling or screams from the plane, as most of the passengers were already lifeless. In most crashes, the screams of people are heard from a far-off distance. But in the case of flight 370, there were no noises heard, as there were no people left alive, except of course the captain. There were also no emergency phone calls made which irked the authorities too.

9 It was an attempt on his own life

Vance claims it was Zaharie’s suicide mission. The problem was that he was going down with hundreds of other innocent lives who had not done anything wrong. The mayhem was planned through cold-calculation. Zaharie obviously meant to go down with a flare.

10 The turn to the left

Researchers also couldn’t explain the sharp dip to the left which the plane took in its final moments. Vance’s team claims he dipped the wings of the plane to see his hometown Penang one last time before his last breath.

11 Who was Zaharie?

Zaharie, 53, was a veteran who had joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981. Not only had he more than two decades of experience as a pilot but had flown for a staggering 18,000 hours in his life. He had three children, and he lived with them and his wife. But the day before the flight, his wife had left him and had left their home with their children.

12 Was it really that calculated?

Experts unanimously agree that the crash of 370 was an act of a psychopath who had plotted his suicide along with an act which claimed 238 lives But the fact that he would carry out this heinous act is proof enough of his mental state.

13 Plain in sight

The team of experts agrees that flight 370’s tragedy is a crime of the ‘unlawful’ act of surrendering other’s lives, that too’ of 238 people. Since the pilot had orchestrated this entire plane crash and had actually plotted his own suicide mission through it.

14 Vance says

Vance agrees that the one thing everybody wonders about is how the pilot turned the transponder offl and whether his co-pilot would let him. But now that we know what he had in mind, it becomes clearer as to how he did it.

15 But why did he do it?

Though we know Zaharie is the evil behind the loss of so many lives, we still don’t know why he did it, or what exactly was his motive. In a way, the mystery of flight 370 still remains unsolved.


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