10 Photos That Will Test Your IQ

The brain is the most important muscle of the body and it is important to give it a workout the same way you exercise your body by going for a run or hitting the gym.

There are several ways to keep the brain sharp such as

  • Reading,
  • Listening to lectures or podcasts,
  • Puzzles.

One of the quickest ways to give the brain a quick workout is to try and solve an IQ riddle.

Riddles can be fun as well as perplexing and sometimes they are as simple as a single image.

Here are ten photos that will be sure to test your IQ.

Some of them are easier than others, so see if you can get all of them right! The first picture will be the riddle and the second one will have the answer, so don’t scroll too quickly!

1. Dog Search: This one appears to be a simple word search, but as you can see it’s only made up of the letters D, G, and O. The task is to see if you can find the word ‘Dog.’ Do you see it?

Can you find it? Because of the repetition of letters, it actually makes it quite a bit more difficult to find the word than you might think. If you missed it, here it is circled.

2. Odd One Out: For this one, you have to figure out which of these icons is not like the others. Do you think you know which one it is?

The Answer: It’s a little bit odd, so you might have gotten this one wrong. You may have thought that it was D since there was no snowflake, or even E because it’s a square. But the answer is actually B. This is because it has a quality taken from all the others.

3. Optical Illusion: Can you find the circles in this image? Upon first glance, you might be thinking that there is no way that there can be a circle , but just look a little closer and you might be able to spot them.

Did you find them? If you spent your entire time examining the lines and the squares, you probably missed it. The trick is to look up at the top of the photo where the two O’s in the word ‘Optical Illusion’ are the two circles of the same size.

4. Spot the difference: Here is a painting that most people are familiar with. Do you think you can spot the minor difference in the two paintings? This one is a little bit easier so you’ll probably get it.

Did you notice? The slight difference is in the background. Some of you might have spent the whole time analyzing the differences between Mona Lisa when the change was actually in the background.

5. Animals: Can you count how many animals are in this photo? This one is actually a lot harder than it looks so make sure to take your time with it. How many can you find?

How many were there? Surprisingly, there are actually 16 animals in this image. There is the obvious elephant, donkey, dog, cat, and mouse. And then there is also a dolphin, tortoise, snake, sword fish, shrimp, hen, mosquito, crocodile, beaver, and bird head all hidden within the image. How many do you see?

6. Factory: Here is another spot the difference photo! Can you tell what has changed between these two images? This one is just as easy as the Mona Lisa one so if you got that one right you’ll probably find this one.

Did you see it? If you missed it, the difference is the gap in the pipe in the bottom right corner of the picture. Some of you might have been looking in the background this time but it was actually right under your nose.

7. Face: This one is pretty popular so you might have already solved it, but in case you haven’t, all you have to do is try and find the face in this image. Do you see it?

Did you find it? This one isn’t too hard so I’m guessing you noticed that the face is in the bottom middle of the picture. In case you missed it, here it is!

8. Doctor Who: If you’re starting to get tired of spot the difference picture, don’t worry, this one is different. It’s also the hardest of the lot so far. Do you think you can spot what the change is? In this one, there are actually three differences, see if you can find them all.

Did you notice? This one is a bit harder because there’s a ton of stuff going on. The most obvious change is the light in the top right corner and there are also two other subtle differences. Did you get them all?

9. Three or Four: This one has been floating around the internet for quite some time, but it’s still a good illusion. Do you know what the answer is?

Did you get it? The answer is actually 3. There are extra lines drawn at the front to give the illusion of four but if you look at the back of the lines you’ll notice that there are only 3.

10. Rubik’s Cube: Last one! This is definitely the most difficult spot the difference as there are 9 changes. Make sure to really take your time and see if you can find them all.

Are you stumped? There is a lot going on in this photo so it might have been hard to find all of them, so here are all the changes. Some of them were easier to see than others. How many did you notice?



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