10+ Times Animals Turned Into Strange Hybrid Creatures In Photoshop

Weird hybrid beings have always managed to spellbound humans.

Even though, in this day and age we don’t get to see strange creatures like the Persian Manticore or the Egyptian Griffon, we still have Photoshop, which lets you design and create mythical creatures very easily.

So, let’s see what Photoshop experts have to show us today.




1 An impressive bull gorilla

2 Mandrillion

3 Red legged elephant

4 Donkey Kong

5 Panda Penguin

6 Horse and duck = Huck

7 A Wee Turtowl

8 Guinea Pig + Horse = Guorse

9 SeaRex

10 Polar Gull

11 Elephant Butterfly Ears

12 Gorillion

13 German Squirrel

14 Guinea Lion

15 Dromedary Camtel

16 Rhino zebra

17 Cat bird

18 Catephant

19 Crocobear

20 Killer Penguin


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10+ Times Animals Turned Into Strange Hybrid Creatures In Photoshop