10+ Funniest Attention-Grabbing Photos

Sometimes all you need is humor in your life to unwind.

From photoshopped images of your favorite celebrities to drunk people going crazy, we have everything in store for you.

So, sit back, relax and let yourself go by looking at these images.




1 Pants for attention: You will sure spot this women from far away. She sure did succeed in grabbing attention.

2 This funny looking pacifier is definitely attention-grabbing

3 Angelina’s legs…. Hilariously photoshopped! You can’t unsee!

4 Six-pack Abs just in seconds…

5 Guess Who’s She?

6 This bizarre Cigarette Hat!

7 I will never use this spooky toilet!

8 Senorita…!

9 Don’t go too fast….

10 You mean Water….!

11 This is hysterical, Cutest Evil look!

12 Wow! that’s creepy!

13 Took my son to his Uncle Joe’s today… and I think my son doesn’t like him at all!

14 My uncle won “funniest costume” for the best Ursula I have ever seen

15 Just a dog going for a walk on the beach…

16 Someone managed to crash their car and get it stuck in a tree… Definitely attention-grabbing!

17 I could use some sunglasses — it’s bright out here in the world!

18 This is the happiest dog I have ever seen! Seems he might have had botox in those Mick Jaggers.

19 Seriously…. Stop it!

20 Let’s call it an aquarium bra! Too Weird!


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