The Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles

Photoshop wizards are constantly battling each other, using their magic powers to determine who can create the funniest images.

We’ve already showed you the winners of some of the greatest Photoshop battles ever, but many new up-and-coming photo manipulators have tried to contest the title since, so it’s only appropriate we update the list.

Here is a list of before-and-after pictures from the wildest PS battles on the internet, and it will make your day.

From Donald Trump entering Edvard Munch’s The Scream to cats in a spa clinic, vote for your favorite pictures to let us know which one should be crowned as the best Photoshop mashup!

#1 Trump Drinking WaterTrump Drinking Water

#2 This Woman Lining Up With A Book Cover

#3 This Cat Bathed In Light From A Stained Glass Window

#4 Trump Screaming In A Stack Of Newspapers

#5 This Wave Crashing Over A Rock

#6 The Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar

#7 This Chicken With Curly Feathers

#8 A Tit And Showing Off It’s Prey

#9 This Deer Wearing A Dead Bird Wig

#10 This Dog Wearing A Leaf Mask

#11 Measuring This Dog

#12 A White Peacock

#13 A Jewel In The Sea

#14 Donald Trump Angrily Making Two Fists

#15 This Snowy Owl In Mid-Descent

#16 This Hedgehog Posing In A Tiny Kayak

#17 A Man Escaping With His Ice Cream

#18 This Windswept Dog

#19 Aqua Dancer

#20 Squirrel With Snow On Nose


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