Here’s What The Shape Of Your Fingertips Reveals About Your Personality, What Type Are You?

We all have different personalities that make us who we are, but who would have thought that the shape of your fingertips can reveal something about your personality?

Well, there are known three types of fingertips, let’s find out if these types of fingertips really describe you.




3 finger shapes and what they say about you

Type A

People with this type of fingertips tend to hide their feelings and often pretend to be strong, cool, and more independent than whom they are but the fact is, they are very emotional.

They also act in front of people they meet but hate lies, deceit, and hypocrisy. They often smile and do it even when something isn’t very funny. Somehow, they are cold towards people that are not very close to them.

Type A are eccentric and arrogant but they have a big heart and always want to help. And even if they do not want the task that was given to them, they will completely finish it.

Type B

Type B are very loyal, once they fall in love with someone, they give their full attention and always think of him/her. However, type B are not accustomed to taking the initiative of approaching people but very sensitive even though they don’t look like they are. Because they often protect someone’s feelings by pretending that they do not know anything but willing to help and give their maximum.

They are afraid to get hurt so they pretend to look strong and independent who always speaks sharply and tend to stay calm even though their soft-hearted and can easily be damaged inside. Also, they always dream of someone who understands them and loves them and gives them everything that they want.

Type C

People with type C fingertips don’t want challenges and does not want to do anything unknown but respects other’s people stand. Also, they are easy to provoke and easily give up the things that make them angry, though, did not want to hold a grudge. When someone apologizes to them, they immediately forgive them as they cannot bear to be at odds with someone too long.

Type C are quite invasive with a huge ego during arguments but they apologize first. Somehow, they always hide their feelings and problems to themselves. They don’t pretend like they “know what you want and what not”.

They also have a soft heart for people who are relying and giving their trust on them even though they can be easily be damaged.

So what type are you? Share this with your friends and let them know!

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Here’s What The Shape Of Your Fingertips Reveals About Your Personality, What Type Are You?
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