This Is What Happens If You Grab The Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy

No matter where you live you’ve probably heard rumours of cars having their hood ornaments ripped off and sold for dolla.

But chances are, you’ve never heard of a Rolls Royce having its hood ornament, obnoxiously named the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’, being torn off, and there’s a reason why.

According to Distractify, after noticing a spike in emblem theft, the motoring giants manufactured a way in which to reduce the number of Rolls Royce emblem thefts, and yes – it’s cool as fuck.

This new video, featuring an incredibly cliche car salesman, shows exactly what happens when you try to tear one off.

As you can see, whenever you try to tug at the ornament or apply any pressure whatsoever the car recognises what is happening and immediately retracts the object into the hood.

Now although the salesman in the video doesn’t put up much of a fight with the emblem, judging from the speed in which it’s dragged into the hood, I personally wouldn’t want to risk getting my fingers caught in it.

What a luxury defence system…


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