A camera team filmed this amazing footage. Images that have never been seen before.

When American author Peter Matthiessen first wrote the novel At Play in the Fields of the Lord in 1965 about an uncontacted indigenous Amazonian tribe, he probably never imagined the scale of devastation the region would face over the next half century. The scene in this video is so very much like the one that moved the mercenary character Lewis Moon when he observed the tribe’s first encounter with an airplane flying overhead.

Only this footage is the real thing. Check it out.

The not-for-profit organization Survival made this video to help spread awareness of their campaigns to protect the world’s remaining indigenous tribes. Their homes and way of life are increasingly under threat from encroaching development. Just as we balk at the thought of irrevocably losing our biological diversity as a result of habitat loss, our anthropological diversity is equally important to preserve.

That’s why organizations like Survival deserve our thanks and support for the important work they do. Please help them to spread the word!


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