20+ Everyday Objects That Look Hilariously Similar To Something Else.

Looking at the images below might cause you to do a double take.

At first glance, they all look pretty straightforward. But if you look again, you’ll realize that there’s a lot more going on in each photo than meets the eye — in fact, some of them are completely different than what they look like.

From rocks that look like dogs to chicken that looks like fish to a sweet potato that looks exactly like a finger (yes, really), these deceiving and peculiar images will make you look — but they’ll also make you smile.

#26 is basically the best thing you’ll see all day.

#1. This looks like bread, but it’s actually a piece of microwaved soap.

#2. The cameraman’s shadow looks like his loyal sidekick.

#3. This horseradish root looks like a dinosaur hand.

#4. This log looks like a creepy old witch, peering through the fence.

#5. This cat’s rear end looks like an adorable panda.

#6. When a crushed pylon looks like a crushed cigarette.

#7. This burnt match is exactly like a mic stand.

#8. A stack of bacon that looks like a stack of penguins.

#9. These clouds look like a giant wave — beachgoers might want to take cover.

#10. This tree just so happened to grow a nose.

#11. Ironically, this egg looks like a pregnant bird.

#12. When Batman shows up on your smashed fingernail.

#13. This creepy sheep looks way too much like The Joker.

#14. This backpack looks a lot like Darth Vader.

#15. Is it a rock dog, or a dog rock?

#16. When spilled water looks like a squirrel having a snack.

#17. This burnt stick looks exactly like a black bear.

#18. This cloud looks like a massive glacier on the horizon.

#19. This tree grew naturally to look like a dragon.

#20. This steering wheel looks like a judgmental sloth.

#21. I don’t know if I could eat this sweet potato.

#22. No big deal, just a peanut that looks like a bird.

#23. This crab shell looks eerily like Yoda sleeping.

#24. One baby’s carseat looks like Severus Snape.

#25. And finally, all of these chihuahuas look like delicious blueberry muffins.

#26. An impressive rock in the forest of Dan Xiashan Mountains, Guangdong, China looks much like the female anatomy. In fact, the whole mountain region is known as ‘naked park’, largely due to its unique shapes and appearances, such as a penis-looking stone, vagina-like caves, breast-shaped rocks and a naked ‘sleeping beauty’.



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