10+ Sexiest Women In Politics You Didn’t Know About

The world of politics is changing. The playground no longer belongs to dusty grey-haired bureaucrats that beg for a vote once every four years.

Make way for the sexiest women ever to take public office.

Mesmerizing beauties use every mean to seduce their way to power. Next thing you know it is your heart who’s voting!

1. Mara Carfagna – Italy

Let’s start our list with Mara Carfagna, the world’s uncontested hottest female politician.

When Mara entered parliament from Forza Italia Berlusconi declared that the party still practices the feudal law of “primae noctis.” Crude as it was, the joke was followed by another lewd remark. “If I was not already married, I would have married her immediately.”

Mara Carfagna served as the Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity between 2008 and 2011. People had a hard time focusing on her political work with all those steamy pics of her all over the Internet.

Mara was a model and showgirl. She came dangerously close to doing softcore before running for public office.

Mara might be our personal favorite, but nothing restricts you from worshiping another sexy idol.

2. Eva Kaili – Greece

Eva Kaili is arguably the only thing keeping Greek politics afloat nowadays.

The former television news anchor made a successful bet when she turned her eyes to politics. We won’t bore you with details so let’s skip to the good stuff.

Kaili served as Member of the Hellenic Parliament between 2007 and 2012 before claiming a seat in the European Parliament. She assumed office in 2014. Yep, gorgeous Kaili joined those bureaucrats that struggle to make the European Union project more bearable.

Most of us end up hating the politicians we once voted. We doubt anyone has something to complain about Eva Kaili besides her being dangerously beautiful and seductive.

We would cast a ballot on her without thinking twice.

Check out the next princess that set her delicate feet into the murky waters of politics!

3. Eunice Olsen – Singapore

Eunice Olsen ranks high amongst the sexiest women to grace the scene of politics.

Eunice is so incredibly gorgeous she didn’t have to beg for votes like the rest of the candidates. President Sellapan Ramanathan appointed her as a Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand the motivation. The winner of Miss Universe Singapore offered lawmakers a tantalizing fresh face to contemplate during their breaks from work.

Eunice expanded her fortune and fame by embracing activism and even doing some voluntary work. The abundance of offers coming her way from the modeling industry meant Eunice’s relationship with politics was nothing but a fling.

Controversy surrounds our next beauty. Haters could not avoid taking on her.

4. Huma Abedin – United States

Huma Abedin might not have helped Hillary Clinton win the elections, but she remained a stunning reference point in American politics.

Of Indian and Pakistani descent, Huma proves that a mixed ancestry boosts sexiness beyond the average levels. There is something in her gaze that makes you want to know more about this gorgeous woman that recently entered her 40s.

Huma was one of Hillary’s closest assistants, and it’s impossible to look at her outside the political context. Huma’s ties with the Democratic Party did more than to a raise a couple of eyebrows.

Some saw in her exotic nature the clues she is a foreign spy infiltrated to destabilize the American political stage. Let’s leave such conspiracy theories for another time and break the news that can give some a gleam of hope.

Huma Abedin is again single after her marriage broke after a sexting scandal.

Check out the next adorable female politician coming from Eastern Europe!

5. Natalia Poklonskaya – Russia

Natalia Poklonskaya made everyone forget about the problems in Crimea. All they wanted to do was to worship her beauty all day long.

Natalia’s big blue eyes aroused mainly Chinese and Japanese fans and the reason is simple. They all saw her as a real-life incarnation of anime characters.

Numerous fandoms emerged on the Internet, and Natalia Poklonskaya made her way to become a meme. Not many know the troubled political context that helped Natalie reach stardom.

The former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Crimea is now a Deputy in the State Duma of Russia. Her political journey started when she switched allegiances after the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

Ukrainians were not happy with her betrayal and declared her a wanted criminal. We wonder what they would do to her in jail.

Our next sexy politician went a bit too far with displaying her goodies. Are you ready?

6. Vanja Hadzovic – Serbia

Vanja Hadzovic is one busty Serbian politician who caused incredible controversies after gracing a tabloid poster with her racy lingerie pics.

Vanja worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Political Affairs when the scandal irrupted. She was apparently bored with the long office hours and the strict code of conduct public office requires.

Posing for daily Blic came as both a pressure valve and reassurance she is one of the hottest female politicians in the world right now. It’s pointless to say officials from the Serbian Government enjoyed what they saw.

However, they had to conduct an investigation just to quiet down the public outrage. It brought them in the quicksand of today’s social media where they uncovered Vanja was a veritable starlet.

Vanja Hadzovic acting sexy was a cry for emancipation for all Balkan girls that dream of putting their “political program” on display.

Our next politician proves again that when it comes to women power equals sexiness.

7. Rachida Dati – France

Rachida Dati is one hot female politician from France that will quickly make you forget about Carla Bruni.

Former Keeper of the Seals in the French Minister of Justice, Rachida seduced the voters to earn a comfortable seat in the European Parliament. Well before all that, her career first took off as the spokesperson for Nicolas Sarkozy.

Dati is a vivid example that women can stay sexy even when they get past the age of 50. It’s easy to picture sultry Rachida Dati winning political battles both in public and between the sheets.

Claiming mixed Algerian and Moroccan ancestry, Rachida takes pride in being a single mother. Her personal life has been for years a realm of speculations and detective work.

Middle Eastern politics are broken beyond repair. Our next female politician is a vital oasis of sexiness.

8. Orly Levi – Israel

Orly Levi is a highly influential Israeli political figure that excels at being sexy.

Like most beauties, Orly’s youth years revolve around her career as actress and model. When brains also come in the package, a move to the more serious world of politics is evident.

The gorgeous lips of Orly Levi mesmerized fellow Knesset (Israel Parliament) colleagues ever since 2009. Levi gained so much fame she even allowed herself to break away from her party and become independent.

A unique detail from Orly’s early life makes her even more desirable. All Israeli citizens go through compulsory military training, and it is fascinating to picture Orly Levi in uniform and holding a gun.

All female politicians have to start somewhere. Check out what the next one on the list did to score fame.

9. Ruby Dhalla – Canada

Ruby Dhalla offered undecided Canadian voters an easy pick.

The 43-year-old politician made headlines for being one of the first Sikh women to serve in the Canadian House of Commons. At the same time, she ranked amongst the hottest female politicians.

The story of how Dhalla started her activism will warm your hearts. Impressed by the atrocities committed by the Indian military against her kind, 10-year-old Ruby wrote a letter to non-other than India PM at that time, Indira Gandhi.

The official answer received enormous media attention. It was impossible for Dhalla to resist exploiting it in a political way once she became an adult.

She gave up a chiropractor career to snap the backs of her election counter-candidates. Of course, only in a metaphorical manner.

You will adore our next sexy entry! Politics got much better with women like her around.

10. Yuri Fujikawa – Japan

Yuri Fujikawa gave new life to the otherwise dull Japanese politics.

What she did is not only controversial but shows just how talented modern politicians have to be to keep with the demands of their voters. Gorgeous Yuri stripped and produced a promotional video for her prefecture. She drifted dangerously close to softcore.

Japan is the home of weird and seeing a politician in underwear did not cause much of a fuss. Like always, the Internet was the one who over-reacted.

However, that was not the only incident that made people say Yuri is too beautiful to do politics. Another video of her, this time leaving a hotel room accompanied by a married high-rank official, sparked fierce debates.

Jaw-dropping bikini photos made the next head of state famous. Was it all part of the campaign?

11. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović – Croatia

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is one beauty who mesmerized Croatia into voting her as president in 2015.

Kolinda seems out of place at any high-level reunion of Europe’s leaders. You have to be ignorant not to see the light years separating her from someone like Angela Merkel.

Politicians who fail to create controversy (like Kolinda) need a helping hand from that part of the Internet that fosters viral content. Bikini photos of the well-endowed Croatian almost broke an entire country.

Almost! It turned out to be someone else flaunting the voluptuous figure. Glamor model Coco Austin was the one to blame for the identity confusion. Even so, fans of Kolinda keep their hopes high.

Stunning politicians don’t have to work too much to get enough wins. Check out the next case where Mother Nature stepped in to make thing easy!

12. Daciana Sarbu – Romania

Romania is a traditional hotpot on the beauty map. It gets even better when girls like Daciana Sarbu dare the move to politics.

Take a good look at this gorgeous blonde and feel the envy running through your veins. Daciana married a former Romanian Prime Minister and got elected to the European Parliament.

Daciana always kept a good girl etiquette by embracing causes like environmental and child protection. You will search in vain for compromising pics of her.

Let’s go back to Russia for another stunning female politician.

13. Alina Kabaeva – Russia

Alina Kabaeva is a sample that Russia’s isolation fosters incredible beauty and sexiness.

Analyzing Alina is like opening a matryoshka doll. With two Olympic medals and countless others in World and European Championship, the most decorated Rhythmic Gymnasts in history made an obvious transition to modeling once she retired. Kabaeva did not settle for sports and catwalks and entered politics as a member of Russian Parliament between 2007 and 2014.

The media dubbed Kabaeva the “Second Lady” because of her supposed relationship with Vladimir Putin. The president dismissed the rumors in a press conference that saw him standing next to proven womanizer Silvio Berlusconi. That made it hard to believe!

You don’t need a degree in political science to explain how Alina Kabaeva lured the voters. Staring into those big eyes makes political colors futile and brings everyone under the banner of beauty.

Let’s give balance to our list by inviting a sexy politician from the United States.

14. Elizabeth Halseth – United States

Elizabeth Halseth wins by a landslide the title of America’s sexiest politician.

Pundits are still unable to explain how a newcomer managed to snatch a place in the Nevada Senate. Halseth exploited a sex scandal of one of her counter-candidates to write history. She was just 27, the youngest women ever to reach the state’s legislature.

You will be sad to know drop-gorgeous Elizabeth Halseth did not enjoy her victory for more than a year. Troubles at home made her unable to keep up with the hustle of attending committees and voting laws.

Halseth resigned and embraced a career path that soon made her beg for votes again. Only this time she did not smile gracefully from politically correct posters.

Elizabeth Halseth gave back to her voters by posing in barely-there bikinis for Maxim’s “Hot 100” contest. An ampler second photoshoot raised the bar a bit too high for all the other stunning women aspiring to get involved in politics one day.

Our next sexy politician might raise a red flag or two.

15. Camila Vallejo – Chile

With her pierced nose ring, Camila Vallejo is a naughty candidate for the title of world’s sexiest female politician.

The Chilean beauty made a name for herself after leading the mass student protests of 2011. Vallejo joined the thousands in the streets that demanded a fair and competitive education system.

Camila’s implication to politics did not end there. She earned a deputy seat at the general elections of 2013. Despite her success, one tiny little detail might ruin gorgeous Camila Vallejo for you.

The 28-year-old represents the Communist Party of Chile. Fans of Che Guevara would rejoice to know Commies are alive and well in South America. Not only that, but they adopted one of the most fundamental doctrines of Capitalism – sexiness sells (wins elections in our case).

You will never believe how it all ended for our next stunning female politician.

16. Anna-Maria Galojan – Estonia

With Anna-Maria Galojan we try to answer the dilemma whether sexy politicians are better than the rest.

There is no denial that former Playboy bunnies sooth the soul better than grumpy old folk falling asleep during sessions of the Parliament. Google is kind enough to us to reveal Anna-Maria Galojan in racy pics that can make one’s heart sweat in delight.

Galojan made us of her socialite status to access the front rows of Estonian politics. However, she did so for all the wrong reasons. The 35-year-old not only failed to secure a seat in the legislative but also financed lavishing shopping sprees with public money.

Gorgeous Anna-Maria Galojan tried in vain to pose as a victim of a lynching. Justice’s arm was long enough to reach her hot body and grant her a five-month real jail sentence.

You have to see the youngest politician on the list. She is the definition of “sexy!”

17. Nikita Klæstrup – Denmark

Nikita Klæstrup is the most googled Danish politician, and there is a good reason for that.

Actually, there are two reasons why the brave folks of Denmark gave up watching center stage action and settled for an obscure candidate that failed to win anything. Nikita often flaunts “the two reasons” in steamy photo shoots or candid Instagram pics.

Klæstrup’s skimpy outfits often left little for the imagination. That works great to explain why she switched sides from the Young Conservatives to the Liberal Alliance.

We all perceive politicians as ruthless bastards that would sell a kidney from their own mother if that brings them an extra 1%. Can we agree that the world would be a better place with more women like Denmark’s Nikita Klæstrup projecting lies from posters?

You most like know the story behind our next sexy ruler.

18. Yulia Tymoshenko – Ukraine

Eastern Europe is a land of political chaos and stunning sirens that lure the voters to the ballot.

The casual Western observer knows Yulia Tymoshenko for her trademark golden hair braids and angelic face. The Ukrainian heroine was a lead actor in the Orange Revolution that brought genuine democracy agonizingly close to Putin’s front porch.

Yulia became a controversial figure after she was trialed and sentenced to jail following a major corruption scandal. It’s still not clear whether this was for real or orchestrated by Moscow-backed political opponents.

It doesn’s matter! Sexy Yulia Tymoshenko emerged from her rough years virtually unchanged. She continues to grace the front stage and offers undecided voters an easy pick.

Let’s conclude with another controversial hottie from Italy!

19. Nicole Minetti – Italy

No one beats Italy when it comes to political sex scandals making their way up to the highest levels.

Let’s take a moment to remember Berlusconi’s infamous “bunga bunga” parties. Italian prosecutors had their work made easy when the former PM began filling the ranks of his party with stunning women taken directly from magazine covers. No one took the bait with ‘gender equality.’

Breathtaking Nicole Minetti made it all the way to regional parliament, posing as Berlusconi’s personal assistant and unofficial girlfriend. Minetti got the job of selecting the “girls” that would make a day in the office less bitter for Berlusconi.

The whole thing did not end well for Minetti, who earned a three-year sentence for procuring prostitutes. How former voters greeted her in jail is a subject of speculation only.

Source: viraliq


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