The 40 Most Perfectly Timed Photos You’ll Ever See. You’ll Feel Awful For #25.

A photograph is worth a thousand words, a perfectly timed one can speak volumes. There is a rare talent and impeccable timing required to capture a picture that evokes a powerful reaction wether it is joy, fear or sadness. Couple that with the highly accessible ability to take photos with our smartphones, we all have a chance to practise and eventually be at the right place at the right time.

Here are 40 of the best images captured. Some look beautifully staged like one woman striking a yoga pose at the beach. There are also a handful of others where you just know the subject of the picture wished a photo was never taken like being caught in the midst of throwing up. These photos may inspire you to be ready the next time an opportunity presents itself. You never know if one of your snaps ends up on our website.


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The 40 Most Perfectly Timed Photos You’ll Ever See. You’ll Feel Awful For #25.
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