10+ Pictures That Will Make Your Brain Freeze

Winter has been here forever. From terrible snowstorms to the Niagara Falls freezing, we got what we didn’t expect and we complained about it. Yet, you wouldn’t want to be in Canada right now. I mean, it’s like -30 every day! If you love winter time, I suggest you see the following pictures. These might make your brain freeze. Watch these people struggle with freezing temperatures and try to complain about the snowfall later. Here are 16 pictures collected by Diply.

1. A basement skating rink!

Dream come true!

2. If you have a beard, think about losing it next winter.

Handy winter tip for guys: If your winter beard is longer than about half an inch, it might be too long and freeze.

3. When you forget to bring that soda inside.

Cans can be cold, but you wouldn’t compare them to this situation.

4. The ice lake that keeps many secrets.

Such a nice ride until you saw you are actually inside of a lake. And then it froze overnight…

5. I want to think this is makeup, but it isn’t.

And this girl has some thick brows! Go inside, though.

6. Winter is coming fast!

Late fall nightmare for everyone living in cold climates…

7. Some cars just aren’t built for the winter climate.

They are so gentle you can’t even touch the handle.

8. Down in the valley.

Aren’t snowplow operators real heroes?

9. Dogs are stoic, determined, and will go through everything for you.

Meanwhile, I’m shivering and complaining that my coffee is cold.

10. See you in the spring, lighthouse keeper.

How do they manage to actually stay there? Th lighthouse, I mean. Oh, wait, it froze…

11. It’s not easy to be a Bills fan.

Watching your team lose in conditions like these is simply beyond my understanding.

12. Is someone asks how cold can Canada get during the day…

Ordering a hot drink and then spill it will probably result in a situation like this.

13. Do these steps lead to the emergency room?

For those random skating moments, this situation is ideal.

14. Try finding your car.

It might take her the rest of winter to dig her car out, but she left her wipers up! You go, girl!

15. Frozen Venice is the best!

16. Snow is good, but everyone hates it the day after the snowfall.

From: diply


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