20+ Times People (And Some Dogs) Got Caught Being Sneaky

What’s a Sneaky Sneakerson? Oh, you know that one person who always behaves like an evil robber with a mask from a cartoon. They’re always trying to sneak something in, or out, or away, or just, simply – lie. And with social media, it’s never been easier.

But some get caught and it’s popcorn time!

This list was on Diply first:

1. Well, this is enough to get you on the list.

Even though she isn’t a cheater it doesn’t mean that she isn’t sneaky.

3. If you have a high maintenance gal head straight to Manipulationtown.

4. The ultimate roller coaster of emotions with a disastrous end.

The poor woman is trying to figure out her life and Maury is sitting there, happier than ever.

Take the test.

5. These tricky texts that lead you into an ambush.

Took the test.

6. That sweet vengeance is best served cold.

A round of applause for this woman.

7. When things just unfold.

Thank you universe for that.

8. Think twice before posting it on Facebook

Sneaky Sneakerson people are like these snakes.

Steve Irwin Snakes GIF by Bustle - Find & Share on GIPHY

9. Oh, knock it off, Dave.

Admit it. You closed your eyes, you took a selfie making sure it wasn’t obvious it was a selfie, and then you liked it, and thought, oh, I’m gonna pretend I was sleeping, and then someone actually called you on this, and you thought, “Oh, well, I’ll just invent this incredible story of a creepy co-passenger who just randomly decided to take a photo and for some reason thought it was SO amazing, that they told me, then sent it to me, and I decided to post it.”

That’s what you did, Dave.

*Dave is a name invented for the purposes of this article.

10. The things you’ll do for a Taco Bell delivery.

11. Just because of these things, people on social media have some trust issues.

12. You’re just jealous of her realistic thighs, admit it.

13. Um.

14. If we didn’t have the option to zoom this might have, just might have gone unnoticed.

15. Wow, you don’t know your dad’s name, jeez.

16. Well, this is an amazing idea if you want to go through the whole trouble of turning the pain into the fun that is a scavenger hunt.

17. A sneaky husband who’s turn it was to clean, who hired a maid, but forgot to hide the evidence

18. Well, maybe it was empty…

19. All right men, we got another sleeper here!

20. This guy knows that he is guilty, but that expression has probably brought him fast forgiveness.

21. But of course he did it.

22. This adorable dog got caught digging another hole under the fence and then it just sat there in defeat.

23. He knows what he did but he was simply trying to have fun and not bother you.

24. The dog’s expression says it all.

25. What. I’m thirsty.

Source: Diply


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